Media Walls - The ultimate home theatre or digital media experience.

Media walls are sophisticated installations that combine technology and design to deliver a captivating multimedia experience.

Media Walls

At Ace we are proud to offer our exclusive media wall range!

Whether it’s for entertainment, advertising, or presentations, media walls provide a stunning visual impact that engages audiences.

At Ace we offer a wide range of media wall solutions for our clients, from large video walls with high-resolution displays, to interactive media installations that allow users to interact with content.

Installing Media walls in Northamptonshire and nationwide, we can create bespoke uninterrupted viewing areas perfect for the home film nights, immersive gaming experiences or even showcasing your latest brand or product, giving that wow factor to any space.

We are infinitive in design from free-flowing creations to traditional style media walls.

For our commercial clients we offer the ultimate digital advertising experience with our LCD media walls, perfect for showcasing your product or even screening sporting events.

Seamless in design our digital wall system allows you to create show stopping focal points for your clients, enhancing stunning visual content with high resolution and brightness levels that can be increased or decreased to suit the ambient light levels of your store or conference area.

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Benefits of a Media Wall Installation:

Improved Aesthetics: A professionally installed Media Wall enhances the appearance of your home theatre and provides a sleek, modern look.
Enhanced Sound Quality: Our Media Wall installations are designed to improve sound quality, so you can enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows in stunning audio.
Improved Functionality: A Media Wall provides the perfect platform for all your home entertainment systems, keeping your TV and speakers at the centre of attention.
Increased Home Value: Installing a Media Wall adds value to your home, making it a wise investment for the future.
Increase customers and boost profits: Our media walls are perfect for digital advertising using eye catching visual displays that can showcase your products and drive sales.

Your Media Wall Installation

In our tech-centric world, having a dedicated space for your gadgets, entertainment systems and their accompanying cables is essential. A media wall provides the perfect solution combining functionality with stunning aesthetes to create a striking focal point in any room.
Our design and Installation team are experts in using the latest technology and cutting-edge installations to create a system that is unique to your requirements.
Each room is different in how it presents opportunities to enhance acoustics and ensure comfortable viewing experiences, yet at the same time it can also present its own set of challenges.
Our team are experts in this field and will take many concepts into consideration to design a system that works for your room, and ultimately your budget!

Understanding Your Space.

Measurements: Accurate dimensions are crucial to ensure the media wall fits perfectly and complements the room’s size.

Layout: Understanding the room’s layout helps in designing a media wall that enhances the space without overwhelming it.

Storage: You can never have enough storage space, and our unique integrated recess design allows you to store all your entertainment items in one place. We can even install concealed access panels in vital positions making it easy to upgrade or add to your entertainment system, or maybe to hide precious items, like the remote from the kids!

Whatever your requirements our design and installation team will create a system tailor made for your needs.

Choice of materials and colours.

Colours and materials matter: They both play a crucial role in your entertainment experience ensuring consistent viewing quality both day and night.

Measuring light within your room: Our team will help you understand your rooms light requirements to generate the ultimate entertainment experience.

Choice of Materials: Materials compliment the design from wood that offers a classic warm aesthetic to our granite panels that provide a modern minimalist feel.

Choice of Technology. 

Sound System: Choosing the right location for your sound system is crucial, poor room acoustics can make the most expensive set up sound average.

Our design team considers your room size, ceiling height and any sound reflective surfaces to help you design and install a sound system tailored to your space, with the right set up you can achieve the same quality without spending extra on overpriced technology.

For the ultimate sound experience we also provide a range of eye-catching base traps and acoustics panels to create a critical listening environment.

Screen and viewing: Position and lighting are crucial for optimal visual experiences.

A screen that is too high, too close or too big can lead to poor viewing quality. While us humans have a 180-degree total visual field, our central vision is much narrower at around 60degrees, regulated industry experts recommend that your screen should fill 30 to 40 degrees of your field of vision. Our design team will perform detailed calculations to find the perfect viewing sweet spot for your room.

Our Installation process includes.

Professional Assessment:

Consultation: A professional consultation ensures the design is feasible and aligns with the visual and acoustic integrity of your space.

Recommendations: Our Design team will provide valuable recommendations on materials, design, and technology integration.


Preparation: We prepare the space and ensure all necessary materials and tools are ready for the time of installation.

Construction: During the construction phase we will build and install the media wall to your specification.

Post-Installation Service.

Warranty:  All of our media wall installations come with a 12-month Installation warranty.

Maintenance Tips: We will teach you how to care for your new media wall to ensure it remains in pristine condition.

Troubleshooting: Our customer service team will provide guidance on troubleshooting and common issues to ensure a smooth user experience.

Why Choose Ace Drylining for your Media Wall Installation?

  • Our design team offer expert advice and guidance.
  • We have Extensive experience in Media Wall installations.
  • We provide Professional workmanship to drive quality that exceeds expectations.
  • We are fully compliant with health and safety regulations, ensuring that your project is carried out safely and efficiently.
  • We provide continued post installation support with our customer care team.



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