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Ace Drylining are leading Partition contractors in Northamptonshire and beyond.

Metal Stud Partitioning

Ace Drylining are leading Partition contractors in Northamptonshire and beyond.

At ace we offer a full range of partitioning systems, including timber, Metal stud and glazed partitions. Our extensive catalogue includes systems designed to enhance your building's thermal performance, create acoustic solutions, allow natural light, or provide effective fire ratings.

Our design and installation team collaborates closely with you to understand your project requirements and evaluates the specifics of your building. We then develop an installation plan that addresses every aspect of your project, ensuring it meets your needs.

We guarantee a prompt installation service that exceeds expectations. Over the years, we have handled numerous exclusive projects, from large developments to modern sports halls. Our reputation is built on trust, delivering quality and efficiency throughout the planning and execution stages.

Our Partition Systems

Metal Stud Partitions.

At Ace we specialize in installing Metal Stud Partitioning, the perfect solution for creating separate spaces within a building. Metal Stud Partitioning is a cost-effective, lightweight and versatile partitioning system that provides an ideal solution for dividing space inside commercial and residential properties.

Thanks to its design our MF partition system is Infinitely adjustable or freely moveable having the capability to be removed, repositioned or relocated at any time.

This provides effective long-term solutions for our commercial clients who may want to tweak or redesign the office layout as their business grows, providing additional or greater office space for those extra employees.

Our MF partitions can be finished with a variety of linings to provide enhanced acoustic, fire- or water-resistant capabilities. Our MF Systems are quick and easy to install and can dramatically reduce the installation process, streamlining most construction programmes.

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Benefits of a Metal Stud Partition Installation:

Quick and Easy Installation: Our team of experts can quickly and efficiently install a Metal Stud Partition, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.

Cost-Effective: Metal Stud Partitioning is a cost-effective solution compared to traditional partitioning methods.

Versatile: Metal Stud Partitions can be adjusted and modified to suit your changing requirements, providing a flexible solution for your space.

Improved Acoustics: Metal Stud Partitions help to improve the acoustics of a room, reducing unwanted noise and providing a more comfortable environment.

Increased Privacy: Metal Stud Partitions provide a private space for individuals or businesses, creating a secure and confidential environment.

Glazed Partition Systems

Glazed partitions are a modern and elegant solution for dividing office space. They provide a cost-effective way to create specific areas for staff while maintaining an open feel. We offer a range of frame or frameless systems, tailored to your specifications for thickness, transparency, and acoustic performance. Our double-glazed partitions are also damage-resistant and fire-safe, through design and installation, our glazed partition systems achieve the highest performance credentials.

Let There Be Light

Glazed partitions allow natural light to flood through your office, enhancing the space's appearance and boosting employees' moods. Natural daylight, as opposed to artificial lighting, is known to improve well-being and productivity, making glazed partitions ideal for busy, collaborative office environments.

By incorporating a glazed partition system in crucial locations, you can let natural light penetrate the darkest of corners, allowing you to limit the use of artificial lighting and significantly reduce energy bills.

Acoustic Performance.

Soundproofing is measured using various methods due to the different factors involved. The most effective way is by playing a series of sounds at varying frequencies on one side of a wall or ceiling and using specialized equipment to measure how much sound passes through to the other side. The difference in decibels (dB) is known as the 'sound transmission loss (STL) value.'

A single glazed partition system installed properly should achieve anywhere between 37 and 41dB (Rw) and double-glazed systems between 49 and 54dB (Rw), Acoustic performance will differ depending on your projects requirements.

Our design team collaborates closely with architects and engineers to create a soundproofing system tailored to your office environment.

Fire Resistance

Our glazed partition systems are fully tested certified and comply with all British standards.

The properties of Fire glass are classified under BS EN 13501-2.

Fire rated glass walls undergo rigorous testing to determine how they perform for these properties. For example, the glass will hold its structural integrity for different lengths of time commonly 30-minute intervals such as 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Our design team will help you understand your requirements and help make sure your building is compliant with HSE regulations.

Rebound Walls

We are proud to introduce our rebound wall system, perfect for indoor sports arenas or leisure centres, Fixed Rebound walls are installed around the perimeter of a sports pitch and incorporate emergency fire exits in their design.

With a full range of finishes from our standard painted panels to exclusive acrylic that incorporates effective lighting and even team logos, our rebound walls are visually pleasing and highly durable in design, strong enough to withstand the impact of a Welsh rugby team.
Our system integrates sports netting by providing a variety of fixing options to ensure a seamless design, additionally our walls can be completely closed off at the top, making them ideal for preventing smaller balls from getting behind the netting.

Ideally, we design our rebounds walls to be flush to avoid any corners. However, when corners are unavoidable, we prioritize safety by offering durable cushioned panels that can be fixed securely to these areas. These cushions are available in a variety of colours and thicknesses to meet your specific requirements, ensuring the safety of your venue and its users.

Why Choose Ace Drylining for your Next Partition Installation?

  • A dedicated design team to help you with your project requirements.
  • Extensive experience in Partition installation.
  • Professional workmanship delivering results that exceed your expectations.
  • Highly Skilled and reliable workforce.
  • Full compliance with health and safety regulations, ensuring your project is carried out safely and efficiently.



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